Supporting mother and baby after the birth, and helping you adjust to parenthood by assisting with breastfeeding, feeding issues, post-natal mental health, postpartum wound management and common newborn issues.

Postpartum medical care

In the days after delivering your baby, physical and psychological care is important. This may include wound management, breastfeeding issues, baby blues, and postnatal depression.

Adjusting to parenthood

The period after birth can be exhilarating one minute and overwhelming the next. I can provide you with strategies so you can continue to make time for self-care, as you adjust to a ‘new normal’.

Overcoming unexpected birth experiences

Not all birth experiences go to plan. This can leave you with a multitude of feelings ranging from anger and frustration to disappointment and sadness. I can help you do the important work of sorting through your feelings or refer you to an experienced counsellor or support group if necessary.

Working through your emotions

The postnatal period can bring up many emotions, including guilt, fear, and inadequacy. Sometimes medical terminology associated with birth can be confusing and leave you questioning your situation. I provide a safe space to talk all these things through, so you can feel confident about parenting your child.