Becoming a family isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be hard to make the transition from couple to family or to adjust to the dynamic of having another child. But receiving the right kind of support and advice can make all the difference to this tricky time. My experience in this area has equipped me to help parents navigate these challenges. With an extensive network of medical professionals, I work closely with other practitioners, referring to them if necessary and ensuring coordinated care with a team approach.

Support and education for new parents

Bringing a newborn home can raise lots of questions, whether it be on how to care for a baby or how to adjust to a new routine. I will work alongside you and provide you with all the support and education you need so you have the confidence to embrace your role as new parents.

Assistance in navigating family relationships

Sometimes the arrival of a new baby can cause stress with extended family relationships, particularly when they continually offer well-meaning advice, or want to be heavily involved in your child’s life. I can help you work through these challenges and help you to set healthy, realistic boundaries, and avoid tense family relationships.

Helping older siblings adjust to a new member of the family

When a new baby arrives, it’s very common for older siblings to feel unsettled and unsure of their place in the family. This can lead to tantrums, attention-seeking behaviours and poor sleep. But it is possible for you all to merge as a cohesive family unit and I can guide you do that.

Bridging cultural differences

Different cultural or religious backgrounds can influence how you wish to parent and raise your child. This can be particularly problematic if extended family members have strong but differing views on the ‘right way’ to raise children. I can provide you with assistance and advice on how to bridge these differences, and ease family tension.