It can take some time to adjust to life with a newborn, especially if this is your first child, which is why I offer tailored services to help couples navigate this time.

Setting realistic expectations

Many couples’ expectations about life with a newborn often may not match reality , which can make it hard to enjoy this time. I will help you adjust to this new phase by outlining what you can expect, and how to overcome the challenges that may lie ahead.

Relationship support

Having a newborn in the house isn’t always easy and it’s very common for tension to build up between couples. Let me support and guide you through this time, and provide advice on improving communication, conflict resolution, and how to work as a team.

Advice on perinatal care

If you’ve never had a baby before it can be hard to know just what to do in the period immediately before and after birth. Even if you have already had a baby, this time can still be challenging, with the arrival of an additional family member. I can explain what to expect in the lead up to the birth, and in the days and weeks after your baby is born, and give you advice and suggestions on the best way to care for you and your baby.

Support for new dads

Becoming a father can be an exciting time, but many men feel at a loss on how to best support their partner in the days and months following the arrival of their child. I help new dads adjust to their new role and help them understand the practical things they can do to support mother and baby.