Having a child and becoming a parent is such a blessing. But it can also be challenging, especially if you’re a new parent. A baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual so it can sometimes be hard navigating those early months of parenthood. It’s also very easy to become confused or overwhelmed when reading information from multiple sources.

As a mother of two children (10 and 7), I understand first-hand the challenges involved in parenting, including the pressures of juggling family and work. When my 10-year-old daughter was a baby, she suffered from multiple allergies, eczema, and sleeping/settling issues. My breastfeeding journey was not straightforward either. I felt helpless, sleep-deprived and like many mothers, a sense of guilt that I should know ‘everything’.

Through my work in private early parenting centres over the past decade, I saw so many families go through similar struggles, unable to enjoy parenthood because they were weighed down by challenges and the pressures they put themselves under. This was made worse by not knowing where to get the appropriate parenting support they needed while being overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

I often found myself wishing I had the opportunity to provide the advice and support they needed earlier before things became too difficult for them. Helping these parents overcome their challenges and seeing the difference it made in their ability to enjoy and cherish their families, was very fulfilling.

I founded Flourish Care in order to combine my extensive experience in the medical field, with my passion to provide families with the right parenting support, so they feel equipped and confident to enjoy the wonder that is parenthood.