Helping you navigate some of the most common baby issues such as feeding, colic, reflux, unsettled babies, and eczema management.

Assistance with unsettled babies

It’s very common for babies to be unsettled in the first few months. However, I can help you develop age-appropriate feeding and sleeping routines, and provide you with strategies to help you soothe your baby.

Help with feeding issues

Breastfeeding your baby doesn’t always go smoothly. Common problems I can assist with include attachment issues, milk supply, blocked ducts, cracked nipples and mastitis. I can also provide support and advice about formula feeding including how to choose the right formula for your baby.

Support in managing food allergies

Food allergies occur in around 10% of Australian infants. It can be confusing to know what foods you need to avoid or what kind of formula to use. I can assist you with an initial assessment, provide you with the right advice and refer you to the appropriate specialists if required.

Other common baby issues

Infant colic, reflux, lactose overload, lactose intolerance, eczema, and nappy rash. These are some of the common baby issues that can leave your baby feeling unsettled. Fortunately, I can assist with management and treatment so your baby can feel better.